Download the app from the App Store (Android or Apple), perform a short identification process that includes personal details, and upload 2 live identification and verification certificates. The approval will be provided in 1 business day.

The wallet is fully owned by Unigiros, the well-known and reliable brand. The money is protected by the most advanced technology and is in the account at Psagot Investment House. If your cellphone is lost, you can log in from any new device and download the wallet. It is impossible to access the wallet without the personal password or biometric identification.

The wallet is a digital account that is not connected to a bank account - but you can manage balances in it as you do in a regular bank account, including receiving your salary, perform transfers in Israel and abroad, receive and transfer money to contacts, and more. Apart from managing your balances, the wallet interfaces with a MasterCard credit card, and also includes a customer club. It is possible to deposit into the wallet by bank transfer (in the comments write down the cellphone number of the account holder to whom you want to deposit), by credit card, or by depositing cash in one of Unigiros' branches

When you have money in your wallet, you can transfer it abroad in a simple and convenient way to almost any country in the world by bank transfer, or in cash that can be collected from various points in the destination country. The transfer arrives in less than 60 minutes to the destination country.

1. Transfer fee in Israel to a bank account - 10 NIS
2. Transfer fee abroad - this fee varies from country to country and also depends on the amount being transferred. You can check it on the handy calculator in the app and on the website.

Unigiros user account deletion flow:
  1. Download the Unigiros App.
  2. Log in following intuitive steps.
  3. Go to the ‘Personal information’ section. main screenshot
  4. Click ‘Delete account’ and follow the instructions. delete screenshot
Alternative flow:

Customer support phone/chat: +97235010444


A MasterCard prepaid card can be purchased at any Unigiros branch or through the app. You can load the card through the wallet in a simple and convenient way. The card is from Mastercard Global and respected in over 40 million businesses in Israel and around the world. The card can be used for physical purchases, online or cash withdrawals.
Please note: at gas stations and convenience stores, a line of credit in the amount of about NIS 300 is acquired by the business when making the purchase. The line of credit is released after 2 business days. *The card cannot be used for gambling purposes, advertising on social networks or pornographic content.

The cost of the card is a onetime payment of NIS 45. We offer a variety of plans for the customer to choose, and the fees vary according to the selected plan. Want to read more? Go to the "plans" page

In the event of loss or theft, the card must be blocked immediately in the personal area of the app, on the website or through the call center during business hours by calling or sending a WhatsApp message: 03-5410444

Customer Club

Every Unigiros customer is also a Unigiros club member and enjoys all the discounts the club offers.

The club gives a 10% discount in over 50 major chains across the country - Unigiros Club Using the club's benefits is simple and convenient. Money can be transferred from the wallet to the club (if the money is not used, it can be withdrawn back to the wallet). How does it work? Let's say you loaded NIS 100 from the digital wallet to the virtual benefits card and made a purchase, only NIS 90 will be reduced from the wallet. The payment can now be used to pay by barcode in the store itself. To pay, just show the seller the multi-pass code on the club card inside the wallet.

There are two main options to receive money cash pick or bank account.
About Cancellations and Refunds.
Cancellations can be made just if the Cash Pick up transfer is not paid yet o the Bank Account doesn’t exist, or it is closed. You need to contact us, and we will request the cancellation and it will take from 15 minutes to 24 hours until the confirmation that it is cancelled is given to us, and it will be refunded to your wallet.

No, you can’t. One we sent the transaction to a bank account, the account number is valid, and it is already deposit, it is NOT possible to cancel it. We always ask our customer to verify the information before you send your money.

No, you can’t. One we sent the transaction; it is NOT possible to cancel it. You need to contact us, and we will request the cancellation and it will take from 15 minutes to 24 hours until the confirmation that it is cancelled is given to us, and it will be refunded to your wallet, then you can send it again to the new beneficiary.

Colombia: $3000 in 32 days
Philippines cash pick up: $7000 in 15 days
India cash pick up $2,500

Explanation of common wallet operations

How to reload card
How to reload wallet
How do transfer money abroad

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