About us

Unigiros Ltd. is a company established from 1999, located in Israel and dedicated primary to the business of remittances abroad from the foreign workers; transfers from and to abroad, and change of currency.

The company grew with the passing years and currently we have expanded to seven branches, situated in the most important cities, where the foreign population is concentrated, as:

Three different and strategic points in the city of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Raanana, Haifa and Hertzelya.

All these foreign workers, are mostly caregivers that came to Israel to work and send their salaries to help their families back in their countries.

We are talking about countries like: Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Philippines, Nepal, India and Sri Lanka.

In all these countries, we have our correspondents, which with the passing of the years we create a strong relation, sending them money transfer.

All these years of intense work, just gave us the satisfaction to be one of the most prestigious and known company between the foreign workers. Our remittances volume grow every month which is currently concluded to 16,000 remittances per month, nationally